MSI Vigor GK50 TKL Driver Software Download

The MSI Vigor GK50 TKL Take the award-winning keyboard legend – Vigor GK50 Low Profile in a tenkeyless form factor and get the performance to bring you to a next level gaming experience with Kailh low profile switches and a classic sleek yet sturdy design. Armed with Kailh Low Profile mechanical switches, feel the outstanding feedback with a 50gf clicky keystroke. The low profile design offers a speedy response and accuracy you expect to game on. Without number keys from the full-size layout, the tenkeyless form factor provides a wider and larger space for your mouse swipes for the ideal gaming setup. The included scratch resistant breathable drawstring bag provides easy storage and effortless on-the-go travel. Two keyboard feet allow you to set your keyboard at 3 different tilt angles (5°, 8°, or 11°) creating a comfortable wrist position for any gaming session. The ergonomic high-low keycap design keeps your finger, hands and wrists in a natural position that reduces strain and pain while typing or gaming for a long period. No more signal conflicts or missed key presses in any circumstances, VIGOR GK50 LOW PROFILE TKL can automatically detect the pressed number and immediately switch to 6 key or N key rollover, allowing you to fight on without the fear of missing or having unexpected key presses. Design your truly unique personal setup with MSI Mystic Light, which enables stunnning RGB lighting effect with up to 16 milion lighting colors.

MSI Vigor GK50 TKL Driver


  • Featuring Kailh Low Profile White Clicky Mechanical Switches
  • Compact Tenkeyless Design for Easy On-The-Go Travel
  • 3 Adjustable Keyboard Angles (5°, 8°, or 11°)
  • Detachable and Durable USB Type-C Cable
  • Ergonomic Floating Keycap Design

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OS: Windows 11 64 Bit, Windows 10 64 Bit
Version: V. File Size: 503.92 MB File Type: exe