HyperX Pulsefire Haste Itachi Edition Driver Software Download

HyperX Pulsefire Haste Itachi Edition is built for elite gamers looking to gain every fraction of a second possible in their quest to be the best. Weighing in at 59 grams, this full-featured, responsive honeycomb shell mouse has everything you need, just without the extra weight. Blaze your own trail with this limited-edition design inspired by Itachi’s time with the Akatsuki. TTC Golden micro switches provide satisfying, reliable clicks and are rated for 60 million clicks, so you will not have to worry about missing inputs. The flexible HyperFlex USB cable and the virgin-grade PTFE skates work together to give you a smooth, easy glide to make dominating the game simple. This Pulsefire Haste is for people who choose to walk the path less traveled and features a design inspired by Itachi Uchiha’s time in the Akatsuki. Pulsefire Haste’s honeycomb shell makes it lighter than a solid shell mouse. Combine it with the paracord HyperFlex USB cable and virgin-grade PTFE skates for a smooth, effortless glide.

HyperX Pulsefire Haste Itachi Edition


  • Limited Edition Design Inspired by Itachi
  • Ultra-light and built for speed
  • Customizable with HyperX NGENUITY Software
  • Grip tape included
  • Gear for those who must walk their own path.
  • If you prefer a bit more control and comfort, easy-to-apply grip tape for the left/right mouse buttons and left/right sides is included.


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OS: Windows
Version: V. File Size: 220.11 MB File Type: exe