Roccat Swarm Software Download

Roccat Swarm is the management software for current Roccat mice and keyboards. It offers a modular structure and a connection to the cloud. This allows key assignments and other functions of the peripheral devices to be adapted according to one’s own wishes. Download Swarm to customize, personalize and keep your ROCCAT® devices up-to-date.

Roccat Swarm


  • Show active driver profile
  • Turn auto-profile switching on or off
  • Set a profile as your default desktop profile
  • Switch between different illumination effects *
  • Adjust illumination effect speed *
  • Adjust illumination brightness *
  • Turn illumination on or off *
  • Show APM (actions per minute)
  • Show mistakes per hit (backspace presses)
  • Show hardware monitoring statistics of host PC
  • Start programs and games.


Roccat Swarm:>> Download For Windows<<
OS: Windows 
Version: V1.9399 File Size: 161.06 MB File Type: zip