MSI Vigor GK30 Driver Software Download

MSI Vigor GK30 Mechanical-like plunger switches with 3-part construction provide a crisp typing experience with over 12 million life span. Convenient lighting hotkeys allow you to change speed, direction, or mode without installing software. At the top are hotkeys for volume adjustment and media controls. The MSI Vigor GK30 features a sleek and stylish design with a black finish and RGB lighting. It has a sturdy build quality, with a metal base plate and double injection keycaps. The keyboard is also spill-resistant, which means it can withstand accidental spills without damaging the internal components. The MSI Vigor GK30 is a high-performance gaming keyboard that is designed to give gamers an edge over their opponents. It features mechanical-like switches that provide tactile and responsive feedback, giving gamers a more immersive gaming experience. The switches have a lifespan of up to 12 million keystrokes, ensuring that the keyboard will last for years of intense gaming. The keyboard also has anti-ghosting technology, which means that it can register multiple keystrokes simultaneously without any lag or delay. This is particularly useful for gamers who need to perform complex maneuvers in a short amount of time.

MSI Vigor GK30


  • Mechanical-like plunger switches for a crisp typing experience
  • Stunning RGB lighting effects in 6 areas
  • Increased stability with Gaming Base
  • Water-repellent keyboard design
  • Fine-tune detailed settings with Dragon Center Or MSI Center.


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OS: Windows
Version: V. File Size: 526.29 MB File Type: exe