MSI Clutch GM41 LightWeight V2 Driver Software Download

MSI Clutch GM41 LightWeight V2 Weighing just 65 grams, the ultra-lightweight GM41 is perfect for competitive play, allowing gamers to effortlessly move and aim with agility and accuracy. Designed with ingenuity, GM41 has been constructed with every single part being as lightweight as possible. Hold the line in battle! The GM41 has diamond-patterned anti-slip grips with an excellent feel to touch and stays securely in hand with a slim shape that fits both palm grip and claw grip styles. GM41 is built to outlast any opposition! OMRON switches rated for 60 million clicks are durable and reliable. A high-end optical sensor with extremely precise tracking delivers high-speed reliability at 400 IPS and pinpoint accuracy up to 16000 DPI with a 1ms polling rate. NVIDIA Reflex Latency Analyzer delivers the ultimate competitive advantage, captures end-to-end system latency, and delivers a precise measurement of your PC’s performance. Step confidently into battle knowing your PC is performing at peak level with GM41 LIGHTWEIGHT, Oculux NXG253R, and GeForce RTX GPUs.

MSI Clutch GM41 LightWeight V2


  • Take Flight, 65g Ultra-Light
  • Thoroughly Designed Structure as Lightweight as Possible
  • Hold Securely in Hand with Diamond-Patterned Anti-Slip
  • OMRON Switches Rated for 60 Million Clicks
  • 400 IPS and Up to 16000 DPI with A 1ms Polling Rate
  • MSI FriXionFree Cable to Minimize Friction on The Desk
  • NVIDIA Reflex Compatible


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OS: Windows
Version: V. File Size: 526.29 MB File Type: exe