MSI CLUTCH GM51 LightWeight Driver Software Download

MSI Clutch GM51 Lightweight has all the makings of a premium gaming mouse, with a great sensor and other high-end features. The MSI Clutch GM51 Lightweight Mouse retains the thin ergonomic profile and shape of the GM31, albeit a little wider. This adds quite a bit to the overall palm feel, whereas the GM31 was the sort of thin shape that took a little time to get used to, so things are a bit more “traditional” here. This also means it’s heavier, though, at 75 grams, it’s still a lightweight affair, with the 2-meter MSI FriXionFree flexible cable delivering a smooth and seamless glide. The MSI Clutch GM51 Lightweight Mouse is also quite comfortable to hold thanks to the rubberized grips that feature a pattern that reminds us of the art style seen in Deus Ex Human Revolution – angular and “high-tech.” The scroll wheel has a similarly ribbed rubber finish and is precise in that small movements are easy to manage. It doesn’t feel as fast as we got with the more affordable GM31 – but it is excellent for gaming and productivity applications. RGB lighting on a gaming mouse might not be on your list when choosing your next point-and-clicker, but the implementation here is worth highlighting because it’s one of the better RGB-lit mice we’ve tested. In addition to the MSI dragon logo that lights up, two additional RGB zones are embedded within the left and right-side rubberized grips.

MSI CLUTCH GM51 LightWeight Driver


  • Powerful sensor PAW-3395 Optical Sensor
  • 8000 Hz polling rate provides a 0.125 ms response time
  • Classic ergonomic form with 75g lightweight design
  • MSI FriXionFree cable to minimize friction on the desk
  • Robust physical build and comfortable design
  • Lightweight and smooth to use


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OS: Windows 11 64 Bit, Windows 10 64 Bit
Version: V. File Size: 503.92 MB File Type: exe