Pulsar Xlite SuperGlide Driver Software Download

Pulsar Xlite SuperGlide introduces the world’s smoothest and fastest glass feet equipped gaming mouse, superglide. Superglide comes packed with the light and crisp clicks of the Kailh GM 8.0-switch and has a reinforced inner structure and no holes on the side, to provide a more solid grab feeling. To present a glide as never before, the glass feet of the superglide have their entire surface, including the rounded edges, polished to a nano level.

Pulsar Xlite SuperGlide

  • Height: 1.65in / 42mm
  • Width: 2.6in / 66.17mm
  • Length: 14.83in / 122.66mm
  • Weight: 57g / 2oz
  • Cable Length: 1.8m / 71in
  • PAW3370
  • 50-20000 DPI
  • 400 IPS
  • 50g Acceleration
  • 1000Hz/1ms Polling Rate
  • NEW MCU – More accurate sensor tracking
  • Alumino-Silicate Tempered Glass Feet (Nano polishing)
  • Kalih GM 8.0 Switch
  • Ergonomic Right Hand
  • 5 buttons configuration
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Latest flagship 20K Sensor
  • Fully customizable sensor setting
  • Fully customizable keys and macros.
  • USB type C New Paracord Cable
  • Ultra Durable


XLite Software:>> Download For Windows<<
OS: Windows
Version: V1.01 File Size: 1.33 MB File Type: zip