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AOC G-Menu is a free tool that you can install on your PC to have complete customization paired with maximum convenience for any AOC or AGON monitor through a variety of uses. Your monitor is an essential part of your gaming system. Yet this crucial role has not been done justice in the past, as the monitors often have separate controls on the device itself. But the days of adjusting the features of your monitor with buttons are over. We’re proud to present AOC G-Menu, an all-in-one app that lets you have total control over your monitor right from your PC, with keyboard and mouse.

AOC G-Menu


  • Game Modes: AOC G-Menu offers three different modes that are pre-optimized for FPS, RTS, and racing games and can be activated to enhance your gameplay with just one click of your mouse.
  • User Adjustable Modes: If the pre-optimized settings are not to your liking, you can build your own mode by adjusting every setting of your monitor exactly to your needs and save it to one of three slots. These modes can then be changed on the fly.
  • Game Sync: Specific games need specific settings and thanks to Game Sync, the settings will now be automatically tied to the game. Select which applications should use which settings and game sync will automatically adjust them as soon as the application starts.
  • LowBlue Modes: Long gaming sessions can be hard on the eyes. LowBlue Modes mitigate the impact of blue light emitted from your monitor to give your eyes a break.
  • Light FX: If your monitor supports light effects, they can now be controlled with keyboard and mouse through AOC G-Menu.
  • Eco Modes: Activate Eco Modes to save power. You can even plan ahead and have the mode automatically activated during predetermined timeframes. Jump right back into your gaming session when needed by going back to the game mode of your preference.
  • Display: AOC G-Menu lets you control the settings of your monitors with convenience and ease, right from where you’re sitting.


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