Pulsar Lunar Alloy TKL Driver Software Download

Pulsar Lunar Alloy TKL Built with precision, Quality, Matte, black color anodized aircraft grade aluminum alloy top frame for increased structural support. These quality keycaps are made using a double-shot molding process. Keycaps have thicker walls and are resistant to wear, friction, and solvents. Enhance your typing experience. Quality, dust-proof mechanical switches are durable and accurate. You can enjoy your experience with three switch variants. Switches are 100% tested for performance and durability. (50m clicks). Powerful factory pre-programmed onboard shortcut keys allow you to control different cool lighting effects, lighting speed, and brightness. Shortcut switches for media control, customizable macros, and full mouse functions.

Pulsar Lunar Alloy TKL Driver


  • Pro-Grade Mechanical Switches
  • High-quality Double-shot Keycaps
  • Powerful and comfortable Pre-programmed FN keys
  • Rainbow LED light effects
  • Super Flexible Paracord Cable And Gold plated USB
  • Compatible with Consoles – Sony Play Station Series (PS5) / Xbox Series (Xbox Series X)


Lunar Alloy TKL Firmware:>> Download For Windows<<
OS: Windows
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