Roccat TYON Driver Software Download

Roccat TYON The modern battlefield is incredibly hostile, with air, sea, and land threats. How do you react to these extra dimensions of gameplay? Enter the ROCCAT Tyon, the all-action multi-button gaming mouse resulting from countless hours of design from the industry’s greatest minds, specifically tailored for modern, multi-vehicle warfare. The Tyon features the X-Celerator, a single-axis analog thumb paddle pioneered for modern battlefields. It gives you unrivaled command capabilities without sacrificing control. You can seamlessly tilt left and right, pitch up and down, increase and decrease throttle, and much more, all while maintaining perfect mouse control. ROCCAT’s breakthrough Easy-Shift[+] technology lets you assign a secondary function to each button on the mouse, for a near-endless number of attack possibilities. The secondary function can be activated once the Easy-Shift[+] button is held down. On the Tyon, this is a dedicated button conveniently located beneath the traditional side buttons.

Roccat TYON


  • Unrivaled command power
  • The new dedicated Easy-Shift[ plus] button frees up the traditional side buttons
  • Extended attack options
  • An expanded arsenal
  • Your tyon, your style
  • 8200 DPI PRO AIM (R3) laser sensor for precision gaming at its best
  • X-Celerator thumb paddle for unrivaled command capabilities
  • Fin switch or rapid and instinctive control
  • ROCCAT EASY-SHIFT[+] on-the-fly button duplicator
  • 16.8M multi-color illumination customizable two-level light system
  • 16 mouse buttons for programmable + solid 2D mouse wheel
  • 32-BIT processor plus 576KB memory for rapid macro storage and execution
  • Tracking and distance control unit for less pick-up flight for precise gaming


Roccat Swarm:>> Download For Windows<<
OS: Windows 
Version: V1.9438 File Size: 116.00 MB File Type: zip

Roccat Talk FX:>> Download For Windows<<
OS: Windows 
Version: V49-2.6-9863-v1 File Size: 4.52 MB File Type: zip