Roccat SENSE AIMO Driver Software Download

Roccat SENSE AIMO joins the AIMO fight to make the lighting ecosystem bigger and better than ever before, for an even more immersive experience. Its soft cloth surface is bordered by a vivid RGB light guide with two programmable zones. Together with your compatible mouse and keyboard, it lets you experience AIMO the way it’s supposed to be experienced – with a powerful trio of devices immersing you in a world of ambient light. AIMO is an illumination eco-system that reacts fluently to your usage and syncs with compatible devices to present vivid lighting scenarios. The Sense AIMO showcases the platform in all its glory with a bright RGB light guide. The guide is comprised of two programmable zones, making it so that colored light can be sent in two directions – for an amplified experience. It’s powered by a discreet braided cable that can be detached. It also features a low-profile button that allows you to cycle through effects on the fly.



  • Vivid AIMO illumination
  • 2 individually controlled RGB zones
  • Detachable braided cable


Roccat Swarm:>> Download For Windows<<
OS: Windows 
Version: V1.9438 File Size: 116.00 MB File Type: zip